What A Life


Gustave Flaubert meets Carlo Mazzacurati.
A light, gentle comedy about a pair of likeable losers who never lose heart.
The first film directed by actor Giuseppe Battiston, inspired by the great nineteenth century French writer’s unfinished novel Bouvard and Pécuchet.

Fausto Perbellini and Fausto Biasutti are middle-aged loners who strike up an unlikely friendship on account of a shared first name. They share a common goal: living a frugal life in the countryside escaping from Rome’s hustle. After their relocation into the Biasutti’s inherited house in the Friuli’ hills, they clumsily attempt to farm, while trying to ingratiate themselves with the local folk. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and Perbellini and Biasutti grow from their mistakes. They learn how to listen to nature, how to love, and how to build community with others. Ultimately, they win the greatest of all rewards: the gift of true friendship.

DirectorGiuseppe Battiston
CastGiuseppe Battiston, Rolando Ravello, Teco Celio, Diane Fleri
Runtime104 mins
Theatrical Release13 Jan 2023
Available1 Oct 2023
TerritoriesWorldwide ex Italy, Vatican City, Monaco, San Marino, Malta, Canada, Australia, New Zealand