United Nations of Dance

Dance has always united people; it is perhaps the most primitive form of communication that transcends languages, social class, or religion. Dancing is also one of the highest expressions of the culture and traditions of different nations. The documentary series UNITED NATIONS OF DANCE takes viewers on a journey into the world’s traditional dances, combining history and culture with striking images and moving testimonies. UNITED NATIONS OF DANCE dives into the history and traditions behind each dance. The series features dancers, choreographers, and other people who perpetuate each culture over the centuries. How do the precise hand and foot movements of the Legong dance relate to Bali’s very particular traditions? And how does the Butoh dance, with its crooked gestures and expressions of pain, or the gentle movement of the geishas, ​​teach us about the ancient customs of Japan? The focus is on the captivating personal stories of these characters, the richness of each dancer’s movements, and the culture of the places visited. Each episode shows dazzling dance performances and the fascinating details that happen before each presentation. The series takes the viewer to 10 different locations, including Japan, Argentina, Bali, and Brazil. Directed by Tatiana Issa, Guto Barra, and Gustavo Nasr, the series is a “love letter” to the dancers who keep their countries’ traditions alive.

Runtime52 mins
Available1 Jul 2023