The Worst Days

I Peggiori Giorni

Spending Christmas with your family is priceless. Or not. Is Labour Day a holiday for all workers? Spend a relaxed Ferragosto between a barbecue and a dive in the pool. At Halloween, put up a costume and go trick-or-treating! Three siblings draw straws on Christmas Day to decide who will donate a kidney to their dad and save his life. On Labour Day, a flat-out broke businessman is kidnapped by a disgruntled employee who seeks to get his money, and he’s ready to do anything to obtain it. Social class clash is at its peak at a Ferragosto cookout where teenage kids with Internet issues and party ambitions are committed to driving their parents mad. Last but not least, Halloween brings an unexpected job offer to a magician who gets hired by his long-time love rival. After The Best Days, you get The Worst Days! Four new episodes for this coral movie that explores human misery with bitter irony.

DirectorEdoardo Leo and Massimiliano Bruno
CastEdoardo Leo, Massimiliano Bruno, Anna Foglietta, Renato Carpentieri
SubtitlesEnglish, Traditional Chinese
Runtime117 mins
Theatrical Release14 Aug 2023
Available1 Feb 2024