The Spring of My Life

La Primavera Della Mia Vita

A surprising road movie, a surreal and poetic journey, set in an unusual Sicily. The Spring of My Life marks the cinematic debut of the duo Colapesce and Dimartino, among the most sought-after and innovative musicians and authors of recent years. In the cast we also find Stefania Rocca, who plays their bizarre agent, and Corrado Fortuna, a mechanic with a visceral passion for the Doors. Along their journey, the duo will make completely unexpected encounters: Madame, Roberto Vecchioni, Brunori Sas, Erland Øye and La Comitiva appear in the film as special guests.

The Sanremo Music Festival hit ”Splash” (Numero Uno/Sony Music) by Colapesce and Dimartino is part of the film’s original soundtrack.

After the breakup of their professional partnership and a long period of silence, Antonio (Dimartino) re-contacts Lorenzo (Colapesce) for a new, mysterious and fascinating project. This time the music has nothing to do with it, but the stakes are so high as to dismantle Lorenzo’s initial distrust and the deadline so tight as to drag the two friends into a reckless, as reckless, race against time in which the surprises they never end. And Antonio and Lorenzo will have to come to terms with their past and with themselves, until a shocking revelation.

DirectorZavvo Nicolosi
CastLorenzo Urciullo, Antonio Di Martino
Runtime95 mins
Theatrical Release20 Feb 2023
Available1 Aug 2023
Festivals & Awards

Winner of Nastro d'Argento for Best Soundtrack