The Glorious My Revenge


LIM Sung-Woon’s different take in revenge thriller genre

Detective Yi-jae loses his beloved son in a hit-and-run accident. The statute of limitation expires as his family bonds dissolve. A new love slowly helps him live his life again, but he meets the murderer of his son. Law has forgiven the murderer, and 13 years of victim’s life turns into a total loser’s life. With non-stoppable urge for brutal revenge, will there be a choice of Yi-jae that wouldn’t backfire with more regrets?

GenresThriller, Drama
DirectorLIM Sung-Woon
CastHEO Jun-seok, LEE Young-seok, NAM Bo-ra
Runtime89 mins
Theatrical Release29 Mar 2023
Available1 Oct 2023
TerritoriesWorldwide ex Korea