The Dew Point

Il punto di rugiada

A drama with perfect balance between tears and laughter.
Three aces in the cast – Massimo De Francovich, Luigi Diberti, Eros Pagni – greatest actors of the Italian theatre.

Carlo 25 years of age and given to excess, is the prince of cocaine-fuelled parties. One night, upon leaving a club drunk, he crashes into a car coming from the other direction, severely injuring the driver. At trial, he is sentenced to one year of community service at a nursing home: Villa Bianca. Thus begins the account of an entire season spent inside the nursing home. There, along with Manuel, a small-time, big- talking drug dealer, and thanks to the home’s residents (and to Dino in particular: eighty years old, cultured and sarcastic, embittered by life to the point of having attempted suicide on several occasions), Carlo will change his outlook on the world and on life itself.

DirectorMarco Risi
CastAlessandro Fella, Massimo De Francovich, Roberto Gudese, Lucia Rossi
Runtime112 mins
Theatrical Release18 Jan 2024
Available1 Apr 2024
Festivals & Awards

Torino FF

TerritoriesWorldwide excluding Italy (including Vatican, Monaco, San Marino, Italian speaking Switzerland and Malta), Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan