The Best Days

I Migliori Giorni

Between irony and bitterness, a comedy to laugh and reflect on humanity and also re-evaluate our holidays.

On Christmas, we are all on our best behavior. New Year’s brings good hearted resolutions. Valentine’s is all about love. Power to Women on March 8th. Is it, though? Four separate episodes for a coral film that dives deep into the human soul around festivities. A Member of Parliament hosts a Christmas dinner hoping to gain the support of the party secretary, but her two rival brothers put everything at risk. A wealthy entrepreneur aims to polish his public image by spending New Year’s Eve in a soup kitchen, but he comes across a former laid-off employee who seeks revenge. A crowded Valentine’s day in a love cube concerning him, her, the other, and the other’s partner for a couple that persists in celebrating a 25-year-old relationship. On March 8th, a known anchorwoman has no choice but to apologize publicly for a piece on “the ideal woman” that has brought havoc around social platforms. If these are supposed to be the best days, let alone the rest. Irony and bitterness pervade this funny but reflective comedy on humanity that will put our festive spirit to the test.

DirectorEdoardo Leo, Massimiliano Bruno
CastEdoardo Leo, Massimiliano Bruno, Anna Foglietta, Max Tortora, Paolo Calabresi
Runtime125 mins
Theatrical Release1 Jan 2023
Available1 Dec 2023