Spring In Between


Featuring rising star Japan Academy New Performer Award winner Hio Miyazawa

“I like you, but you can’t understand how I feel.” Haru is a magazine editor in her third year at a publishing company. She is constantly scolded by her boss and finds it difficult to communicate with her live-in boyfriend. One day, she encounters the painter Tohru Okunai, who only uses blue in his paintings. In spite of being hailed as a genius, Okunai suffers from a learning disability. He says what he thinks without a filter, is open about his feelings and is unable to lie. Haru, finds herself more and more drawn to him as his honesty wins our self-conscious heroine over. Although Haru attempts to close the physical distance between them, she is hurt when Okunai cannot understand her intentions. On the other hand, a female photographer who works on a shoot with Haru and Okunai, appears to strike up a more solid bond with the painter. Haru is tossed and torn between many elements inher life in this touching love story.

DirectorRika Katsu
CastHio Miyazawa, Sakurako Konishi
Runtime103 mins
Theatrical Release26 May 2023
Available1 Nov 2023
TerritoriesWorldwide ex Japan