Shylock s Children


A bold film adaptation of what is arguably the greatest novel of short stories by author Jun Ikeido, who wrote about people’s unyielding strength to survive in society in the novels NAOKI HANZAWA and RECALL. A social problem film based on a newly written story dedicated to all working “soldiers.” It’s sure to give people the courage to face tomorrow! Which is more important? Money or integrity? People’s secrets and hidden funds are revealed in this crime film that will speak to all working adults!

A million yen goes missing at the Nagahara Branch of Tokyo Daiichi Bank. Long-time customer service staff Nishiki (Sadawo Abe) sets out on a mission to uncover the truth together with his colleagues Airi (Aya Ueto) and Tabata (Yuta Tamamori). After coming across one tiny question, they find themselves in the face of the massive corruption hidden behind the missing money… but this was merely the beginning of a scandal that would shake the megabank to its very core.

GenresDrama, Mystery
DirectorKatsuhide MOTOKI
CastSadawo ABE, Aya UETO, Yuta TAMAMORI, Kuranosuke SASAKI
Runtime122 mins
Theatrical Release17 Feb 2023
Available1 Aug 2023
Festivals & Awards

Nominated for Japan Academy Prize Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Screenplay

TerritoriesWorldwide ex Japan