Our Secret Diary


The hit teen novel is now being made into a live-action movie!
Over 600,000 movie-goers watched in theatres!

One day, second-year high school student Nozomi finds a letter in her desk from Setoyama, the most popular boy in school that simply reads “I like you.” Though confused if it’s a prank, she puts a response in his shoe box, leading to the start of a secret exchange diary. But it turns out that the letters and diary were intended for her best friend. Although everything started because of a misunderstanding, she keeps up with the exchange diary without telling Setoyama the truth. Nozomi, who always reads the room too much and isn’t much of a talker, initially dislikes the straightforward Setoyama, but she starts to fall for him as she gets to know him. However, as she starts to lose her chance of coming out with the truth, things take an unexpected turn… Where will this bittersweet one-sided love that began with a lie end up?

GenresDrama, Romance
DirectorKentaro TAKEMURA
Runtime110 mins
Theatrical Release7 Jul 2023
Available1 Apr 2024
Festivals & Awards

Winners of Japan Academy Prize Newcomer of the Year - Hiyori Sakurada, Fumiya Takahashi

TerritoriesWorldwide Ex Japan