Free Billy

Winner of Best Human and Nature Documentary at NY Wildlife Conservation Film Festival.
Powerful documentary exposing the shocking neglect of an LA Zoo elephant

This moving documentary chronicles the decades-long campaign to free Billy: An Asian Bull elephant who has lived in the LA Zoo since he was four years old. Billy has endured brutal training, decades of isolation, and to this day remains forced to live on display with virtually no mental stimulation, in a tiny environment, on hard ground, which is the leading cause of death of zoo elephants. The movement has seen celebrities such as Lily Tomlin, Cher, and many others campaign for his freedom, yet he remains a captive of the Los Angeles Zoo. Even legal efforts to free him have failed, despite clear judicial findings which list the many problems he faces, which are likely to result in his premature demise. In that case, he will be the fifteenth elephant to die in the Los Angeles Zoo.

DirectorMarshall Corwin
CastVirginia Anne McKenna, David Casselman, Alec Gillis
Runtime50 mins
Theatrical Release10 Nov 2021
Available1 Dec 2023
TerritoriesWorldwide ex Spain