\- “visually striking” – South China Morning Post
\- “a cultural masterpiece” – IndieWrap

A fractured family of four brothers & sister confronts haunting memories of their mother’s passing 15 years ago.  15 years had passed, Nicole (Summer Chan) returns home to Hong Kong reuniting with her three brothers, gradually clinging onto the shattered memory from the night of her mother’s passing. Through hypnosis sessions with her big brother Joseph (Simon Yam), the trauma that the family sustained is unexpectedly reawakened when she desires to connect back with the memories. Then the whole world around this family takes on a dark form and love becomes almost undefinable.
DirectorKelvin Shum
CastSimon Yam, Summer Chan, Roy Ng, Justin Cheung, Tim Wong
SubtitlesEnglish, Traditional Chinese
Runtime106 mins
Theatrical Release18 Jan 2024
Available1 Aug 2024
TerritoriesWorldwide ex China