Confess to Your Crimes


Based on popular award-winning novelist Yuichi Shinpo’s thriller.
Superb performance of Tsutsumi and Nakajima in this high-tension story.

Koji Uda, the second son of a family of politicians, started a construction company that soon went bankrupt. He now works—rather reluctantly—as a secretary for his father, State Minister Seijiro Uda. As Seijiro is under scrutiny from the opposition and the media due to a scandal, the young daughter of Mayumi, the Uda family’s eldest daughter, is kidnapped. The kidnapper’s demand is not for ransom but for Seijiro to confess his crime in a press conference by 5 pm the following day. However, this “crime” is something that should never be revealed as it could shake the nation to its very core. Koji comes face to face with his father, who stubbornly clings on to power and refuses to confess his guilt despite this life or death situation. Will they be able to uncover the truth hidden behind the crime and save the life of the little girl?

DirectorNobuo MIZUTA
SubtitlesEnglish, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese
Runtime101 mins
Theatrical Release20 Oct 2023
Available1 May 2024
TerritoriesWW ex Japan