#1 weekend B.O. hit interrupted Hollywood dominance.
#5 top grossing Spanish film of 2023 YTD.
This buddy comedy shines as León and Alterio demonstrate vibrant on-screen chemistry.

Toni and Emilio both receive the same tragic phone call: their wives are in a coma after an avalanche at a ski resort. When they reach the admissions desk at the hospital, they make a startling discovery: their wives are, in fact, the same person… Laura. For years, Laura has been secretly leading parallel lives… and riding a crazy roller-coaster between her two families. Forced to stay together until Laura wakes up and can be moved from the hospital, Emilio and Toni find themselves embroiled in a fight to prove who is her one and only, true husband.

DirectorLucia Alemany
CastPaco León, Ernesto Alterio, Celia Freijeiro
LanguageSpanish (Castilian)
SubtitlesEnglish, Traditional Chinese
Runtime103 mins
Theatrical Release10 Mar 2023
Available1 Jan 2024
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TerritoriesWorldwide ex Spain, Andorra, Italy, Vatican City, San Marino, Malta, United States, Canada