CinemaWorld Short Films - Ep 5-6

Compilation of trending Southeast Asian short films and animations

Cinemaworld Shorts EP5: Take Me Home Take Me Home is an epic tale following the journey of a family on the verge of falling apart as they attempt to smuggle their dead grandmother across the Singapore-Malaysia border.

Cinemaworld Shorts EP5: Kebaya Ting, a young air stewardess, navigates her new role as a caregiver for her grandmother while building a relationship with her distant father.

Cinemaworld Shorts EP6: Hide N’ Run A little girl’s game of “police and thief” with her father is interrupted by the outbreak of riots. Through her perspective, we follow her as she escapes from the shophouse unaware of the chaos unfolding around her.

Cinemaworld Shorts EP6: Cake Day! “Kinetta plans to bake a cake for her father’s birthday, but this year she must do it without her mother’s help. Facing the struggle of doing it on her own, will she be able to make the cake by herself?”

Cinemaworld Shorts EP6: Crayon Two brothers fight over sharing, and they break a crayon in the process. They battle it out through drawings with the broken crayon and their imagination.

GenresTV Short
DirectorTrevor Poh, Excel Dermawan, Ribka Natalia, Vitaria Wennie Handjaya, Cameron Richardson
CastPeter Yu, Liew Jia Yi, Choo Ai Keow, Christian Aditya, Shania Angie, Excel Dermawan, Carina Gracia Wiguna, Fatha Zakiya, Nicholas Justin,
Available1 Nov 2023