Renowned Argentinean actress Dolores Fonzi’s directorial debut.
Produced by the same producer of “Argentina 1985”, a Golden Globe and Oscar contender.

This is the story of Blondi and Mirko. They love living together, they listen to the same music, they watch the same movies, they like to smoke joints, go to concerts, they have the same friends, everything is perfect between them… but, although they seem almost the same age, Blondi is Mirko’s mom.

DirectorDolores Fonzi
CastDolores Fonzi, Carla Peterson, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Rita Cortese, Toto Rovito
LanguageSpanish (Castilian)
Runtime87 mins
Theatrical Release1 Jun 2023
Available1 Dec 2023
Festivals & Awards

San Sebastián International Film Festival Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema Munich Film Festival

TerritoriesWorldwide ex Spain, United States, Canada