And Yet You Are So Sweet


The ultimate teen romance that teenage girls are dying to see! Come witness the secret game of “pretend crush”! 
Opening week as Top-grossing live-action film.

Maaya (Mei HATA) is in her second year in high school, and she has just been turned down after confessing her love to a boy for the first time in her life. Chigira (Kyohei TAKAHASHI) is the ace runner on the track team and the school’s hottest heartthrob. He gives everyone the cold shoulder despite being every girl’s idol, but when he sees Maaya all heartbroken, for some reason he proposes a game of “pretend crush,” saying “If you’re gonna try and find someone to crush on, why not crush on me?” And the rules of the game? Do not under any circumstance actually fall in love, and do not let anyone find out. Although Maaya’s not allowed to fall in love with Chigira, she finds it hard to resist temptation in the face of this secret relationship where he constantly babies her. So how does Chigira really feel? And what will become of their “romance”?

DirectorTakehiko Shinjyou
CastKyohei Takahashi, Mei Hata
Runtime98 mins
Theatrical Release3 Mar 2023
Available1 Sep 2023
TerritoriesWorldwide ex Japan